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Sept 1, 2010

Dear theft talk, 
I recently took your online coarse, and found it to be just one of the things I needed maybe even 4 years ago. It truely struck some deep cords in myself, I was shocked while reading this class and how much I have lost sight of things that are very immportant to function healthy in this world.

This theft talk coarse REALLY put some very immportant componants in my face and I AM THANKFULL to you for this class, It has given me back some tools to help me work on myself along with the councelor I see .

The theft class could indeed benefit alot of people out there not just people that have stolen someone elses property, It helped me to once again see the importance of possitive , thinking and know how immportant WE all are. I am a person who already has been equipped with alot of  good traits, but have fallen off track with health issues and spiraling into a bad way of thinking.I really am benifiting from your class and will  continue to only do better from your info you shared with me.   I thank you for your help and no judgement, I am soooo much more eqipped again because of the possitiveness in this very rewarding class!!!      Sincerely Bonnie H



Dear Mr. Judge John L. Collins,

I would like to take this time to thank you for suggesting the Theft Talk Class too me. This class was very inspirational to me and extremely helpful in so many ways.

My outlook on Theft has completely changed and the class has put things in a way more positive prospective for me. I thought at first that this class couldn't teach me anything, but soon into the first chapters of the class, It proved me wrong and I am very thankful for that. I would highly recommend this class for everyone who has been in trouble for any type of theft, especially first time offenders.

If this class was introduced into first time offenders right away, it would give them the help and knowledge they seek and need, It should be the number one thing theft offenders should have to do.No three strikes and then you have to finally take it. For the most part, if theft offenders come to court and it is their first time getting into trouble, it more actually is like the first time they got caught and not their first offense.

This class was GREAT!! Each chapter gave more and more insight on theft and it made complete sense. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to take the class. Thank you once again for this unforgettable experience and I hope in the future that everyone who has theft issues are able to take this class and get what I got out of it.

Recovered Theft Offender






I just finished the online adult theft class. My name is Elicia and my login is xxxx.  I am really bothered at the fact that I missed some questions on a few quizes and on the final test.  Is there any way to find out which questions I missed and what my wrong answer was so I can try to figure out the correct answer?

I thought this was a great class and want to get all that I can out of it.  I can use the information for different aspects of my life.  I think everyone should have the chance to learn these invaluable lessons.  Not just people who get in trouble for stealing.  I would love to see this implemented in our school systems, so all people can have access to this knowledge. 

Thank you very much!!





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