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THEFT TALK Online Services

Counseling for people who steal, i.e., shoplifting.

We also offer victim services and theft counselor training.

THEFT TALK Online Services specializes in counseling people who shoplift or steal. We counsel people who commit burglary, those who commit car theft, professional thieves, chronic theft offenders and people who have been caught shoplifting, or want help because they shoplift. THEFT TALK has been counseling theft offenders since 1983 and has found that if the offender is a shoplifter, stealing cars, or stealing even more directly from people, there are common thinking processes (errors) they go through. Our onlineservices focus on the thinking of the theft offender.

If you would like to learn more about how we work with people who steal, you are encouraged to peruse the menu above If you are a professional who works with theft offenders/shoplifters/burglars, or people who have stolen cars you may be interested in our theft seminars , our THEFT TALKT Counselor Certification Program , Career Opportunities and/or our variety of training. programs. On the other hand, if you are a parent or teacher and shoplifting or other forms of theft or stealing are of interest, you might be interested in Articles Written by "THEFT TALK", Parent/Teacher Advice and our theft related Questions and Answers section. Either way please feel free to view all of the menu options outlined above.






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