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Male, age 54

        Comment:  Your lessons brought me back into my childhood and made me remember how many people "I hurt" .. For this I thank you and you have changed my life.


Male, age 24

        Comment:  It was a very positive class and I support the idea for the future classes


Male, age 24

        Comment:  I think that it is an effective way of getting people to think about their actions.


Male, age 21

        Comment:  It was positive and helpful toward my self and others.


Female, age 26

        Comment:  I think this was a good class, Judges should continue to make this mandatory.


Female, age 24

        Comment:  There were a lot of things I didn't think about until today.


Male, age 34

        Comment:  Gained relevant information and discovered that there is more to stealing than just the physical act.


Male, age 45

        Comment:  I wish I had come sooner, I realize certain aspects I had not before.


Male, age 25

        Comment:  Helped me to re-evaluate how I think about any sort of stealing.


Male, age 20

        Comment:  I learned a lot about why I should not steal and ways to help me through life.


Female, age 75

        Comment:  It really changed my thinking regarding theft.


Male, age 51

        Comment:  It gives people a better knowledge of how they are hurting others by stealing.


Male, 44

            Comment:  Makes me understand who I am hurting and how.

Female, age 31

        Comment: It actually gave me more consideration of the chain effect.

Female, age 18

        Comment: I thought it was a great experience and showed me sides I have never looked at.

Female, age 43

        Comment: Very informational, it raised my awareness of consequences to others.

Male, age 24

        Comment: "THEFT TALK"T has been very informative, educational and motivational. It will help me to help others.

Female, age 50

        Comment: I truly enjoyed it and it made me deeply think of what I did.

Female, age19

        Comment: It was a helpful discussion that Made me realize, why I stole and how to STOP it.

Male, age 37

        Comment: Interesting and educational. It helped me to understand things I didn't think about before.

Male, age 22

            Comment:  I didn't realize how much I've taken selfishly from others.

Male, age 51

            Comment:  It was hard to show up but easy to go through.

Female, age 22

Comment:  I will tell others about the class.  It really make me think about what I did.

Female, age 28

Comment:  It was wonderful, and helps give me a greater understanding of how I hurt others, and helps me care!

Female, age 19

Comment:  It was a whole different perspective that I will consider and think about.

Male, age 21

            Comment:  I look at stealing in a new way.

Male, age 19

            Comment:  It helped me to think before I act.

Female, age 19

            Comment:  It was a good experience that will definitely help change my life.

Male, age 43

Comment:  It definitely opened my eyes to questions that I never stopped to think about.

Female, age 33

Comment:  I realized that no one punishment will stop you from stealing, only you can care.

Female, age 36

            Comment:  I learned a lot about myself and who I want to be as a person.

Female, age 20

Comment:  I learned a lot and understand more how selfish I was and why it is so wrong to steal.


Eric, age 19

      Comment:  I think it was a good eye opening experience.

Kathy, age 49

      Comment:I learned to care more about people.

Kathryn, age 19

Comment:  It was good to hear everyones point of view, and has helped to change my way of thinking.

Brian, age 24

Comment:  It was very insightful.

Melissa, age 21

Comment:  It has made me understand a great deal more about what I really did to other people.

Michael, age 18

            Comment:  This was a good experience for me.

Erin, age 26

            Comment:  It was very helpful and informative.

Shayla, age 19

Comment:  This is an excellent class, I know I will remember the experience.

Kristopher, age 18

           Comment:  I enjoyed taking the class.  It's "10's".

Daniel, age 27

Comment:  This was a very good experience.  I can see, now, how my actions effect many different people on many different levels.

Chris, age 29

            Comment:  I think it's a good idea, very informative.

Timothy, age 19

            Comment:  It was enlightening.

Thomas, age 40

Comment:  It was enlightening. I learned things that I should have been thinking about all along, but failed to do so.

Cathleen, age 46

            Comment:  I appreciate that you didn't make us feel like criminals.

Nicole, age 18

Comment:  It was great.  I will have more appreciation and consideration for others.

David, age 20

            Comment:  It was a great class, thanks.  I learned a lot.

Erin, age 20

            Comment:  This is a good class. I learned a lot from it.

Andrew, age 19

            Comment:  It was good.  I learned a lot.

Pamela, age 47

            Comment:  Very moving

Binh, age 33

           Comment:  Helpful

Edward, age 43

Comment:  It's a great teaching goal - to personalize the idea of store theft.

Clark, age 59

            Comment:  Good class and good points.

Kristen, age 21

Comment:  It was eye opening and the teacher had a lot of impact on my thinking.

Susan, age 38

            Comment:  I thought it was wonderful and had a great impact on my life.

Theresa, age 34

Comment:  It really opened my eyes on how many people get hurt.

Michael, age 23

Comment:  I learned why it was wrong to do what I did and how to prevent it from happening again.

Danielle, age 32

Comment:  Presentation was excellent by Joel.

Bill, age 52

Comment:  It was every educational and eye opening.

Jeffery, age 34

Comment:  It made me look at my own justification for stealing.

Jeremy, age 27

Comment:  It was a very good service.  I learned a lot about how I affected others.

Crystal, age 19

Comment:  You did a great job and I thank you.

Yongsu, age 50

Comment:  This counseling made me understand how ones mind works and how to stop from stealing.

Geneva, age 22

Comment:  The class was informational.  I was surprised at how deeply into the psychology of theft.  Would have liked to be able to discuss more with each other.

Pamela, age 50

Comment:  It was a very positive format.  Points were brought out that I hadn't considered.

Zenas, age 30

           Comment:  It was positive.

Paulette, age 52

            Comment:  It is the best program I have ever attended.

Gavin, age 18

Comment:  The most well spent and educational four hours I have spent in a long while.  It really made me realize what I did hurts people and I'm a better person from when I stole.

Stevie, age 34

Comment:  I think that everyone needs this (even if they never steal).

Tracy, age 34

Comment:  It showed me the fact's and how I hurt others when I steal.

Duane, age 51

Comment:  A positive experience.  I had not previously considered that my actions had actually hurt someone.

Daniel, age 19

            Comment:  Good class, gave me new perspective about stealing

Ryan, age 22

           Comment:  I was impressed with the instructor and what he had to say.

Clinton, age 26

Comment:  I wasn't sure what to expect, but I felt very comfortable in the class.  I appreciated all the information.

McKensie, age 25

Comment:  Makes you think about your actions along with past actions, and not just think about yourself.

Latoya, age 20

Comment:  "THEFT TALK" really made me think about others and how I'm hurting others. Thank you.

Araceli, age 28

Comment:  It was good because I learned.

Gerald, age 37

            Comment:  Very positive, and Analytical.  Makes you dig inside yourself.

Shelley, age 37

Comment:  The counselor was very enlightening and made me realize more and understand why.

Veronica, age 30

Comment:  It made me stop and think.

Deborah, age 39

            Comment:  It was very well appreciated.

Heide, age 40

Comment:  Not only does it apply to the situation at hand, but to all aspects of life.

Merla, age 24

  Comment:  It was thought provoking.  It gave real solutions to problems.

Sarah, age 21

            Comment:  I enjoyed the class more than I was expecting.

Richard, age 37

            Comment:  It was informative, and it was good to talk with others.

Dawn, age 29

            Comment:  I enjoyed the learning experience.

Keith, age 22

Comment:  It was very insightful.

David, age 20

           Comment:  It was a good program.

Paula, age 37

          Comment:  It makes you think about how it is hurting others.

Mahnaz, age 35

         Comment:  It was a good experience.

Michelle, age 32

         Comment:  It helped show me who and how I was hurting others.

8/25/01 - Nancy, age 52

          Comment:  Very informative, made sense in all areas.

Tatyana, age 25

Comment:  The "THEFT TALK" helped me to think deeper of my actions and to be considerate of others.

Carrie, age 23

            Comment:  It made me realize I was hurting people.

Derek, age 21

            Comment:  Enlightening

Haley, age 19

            Comment:  I learned that stealing doesn't get you anywhere.

Marci, age 18

            Comment:  Useful information.

Kathryn, age 24

Comment:  I learned a lot. It made me realize how I wasn't thinking about how much what I did hurt innocent people.

Peter, age 20

Comment:  I learned whom I was truly hurting (others).

James, age 19

           Comment:  It was pretty interesting.

Kevin, age 52

          Comment:  Good experience, will share with others

Jeff, age 46

           Comment:  I think the class is a real good thing.  It opened my eyes.

Jamie, age 19

          Comment:  It made me think a lot.  A good experience.

 Joshua, age 26

                 Comment:  I learned some good info.

Alofa, age 28

           Comment:  Care for other people, thanks for that.

Christopher, age 37

            Comment:  Thank you.  I brought a lot of thinking to the for front.

Heather, age 20

Comment:  I experienced that time is money.  If you steal, your taking others time.  I learned a lot.

Joshua, age 21

            Comment:  It was a very good class.

Patrick , age 33

Comment:  It made me think more on the concept of time.

James, age 31

            Comment:  To be more considerate of others.

Leanna , age 33

            Comment:  It has made me realize how uncaring I've been to others.

Miriam, age 19

Comment:  It was a very good experience, but I won't ever be back        again ever.

Michael, age 21

Comment:  I learned a couple new words.  It opened my head about who is paying for what people steal.

Chad, age 22

            Comment:  Great class gave me a new perspective.

Kaja, age 19

            Comment:  It wasn't as bad as I thought.

Bethany, age 18

            Comment:  A lot of info!

Marissa, age 19

Comment:  I liked it.  I already knew that I wasn't going to steal again and new most of the knowledge and considered it. I think that it is a great program to make people think about what they are doing.

Deloris , age 56

           Comment:  The key to not stealing is not thinking about it.

Sheren , age 24

            Comment:  I found the information to be really useful.

Kimberlee, age 24

           Comment:  I am glad I came. Thanks

Ari, age 28

Comment:  It was interesting and now I think it is wrong to steal.



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